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CodeWord908 human trafficking
Why does this page exist?
Commercial Censorship, pure and simple.

Anyone who wishes to conduct business in a modern manner (i.e., electronic transactions) must get approval from a credit card processor in order to accept credit cards. Credit card companies themselves require the credit card processors to prevent certain words and/or topics from displaying on any site which will accept their credit cards. (Although we won't name names, the biggest offender seems to have the same initials as that short-time-famous singer named Hammer).

We must comply in order to actually sell our product online, for both your convenience and ours.

We attempted to remove the actual words from our site and present them to you, the viewer, on this page so that you could make sense of the text that was written in the post that brought you here. After all, we don't in any way condone, for example, sex or nudity or anything else involving anyone who is not yet sufficiently advanced in age, legally, to participate. We're not perverts, and 99.9% of the posts of that example were discussing avoiding such issues, as well as the unfortunate circumstances which have forced many such victims into a horrible life around the world. Those that were discussing such things in terms of trying to find such were a rarity and usually we catch such posts during moderation or you, the users, help us to catch such things.

However, our attempt to remove the offending words from the site and let you read them here were rejected by our processor as well. Why the credit card companies give a rat's ass if someone talks about certain waste by-products (as an example) or anything else that many people consider gross and/or disgusting, and yet are NOT ILLEGAL to talk about, we don't know or understand. Yet there you have it, Commerical Censorship at its finest!

We apologize profusely for this blatant censorship. We tried to work around what the companies would accept, but as you can see, economically they feel they have the right to control free speech where not even the US government, one of the most puritanical state institutions in the world who also calls the people it governs "free", have made these terms illegal and unpublishable. Yet.

We aren't political activists, but it would tickle us pink if those who read this would flood their credit card companies with their displeasure and encourage friends and family to do likewise.

Thank you for your forebearance in this matter.
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